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Another Option: Software Tools

Another Option: Software Tools

Many eBay sellers prefer to manage their auctions offline, on their own timewithout being tied to a single service. If you're more of a do-it-yourself kind of seller, you might want to check out some of the software programs designed to help you manage the eBay auction process. Here's a short list of programs for your consideration:

  • All My Auctions (, $39.95. This is a basic auction management software program; it includes template-based listing creation, live auction management (including the ability to track competitors' auctions), end-of-auction email notification, and report generation.

  • Auction Wizard 2000 (, $75/year, $50 annual renewal. This full-featured software offers many of the same tools you find at the large auction management sites, including inventory management, bulk listing creation, end-of-auction emails, bulk feedback posting, and the like.

  • AuctionSage (, $29.95/3 months, $49.95/6 months, $79.95/year. This is software for posting and managing eBay auction transactions, including sending buyer emails and leaving bulk feedback.

  • AuctionTamer (, $22.95/month, $149.95/year. AuctionTamer is an all-in-one auction management software program for both sellers and bidders. For sellers, it lets you create auction listings, schedule delayed auction listings, manage your live auctions, send post-auction emails, and print shipping labels.

  • Shooting Star (, $60. Shooting Star is a program designed to manage the end-of-auction process. It uses what it calls a "workflow system" to move you through various post-auction operations, including email notification. (Note that a new version 3 of Shooting Star is in the works, which will have more featuresand a $120 price.)


The sites listed here are just the most popular of the many auction management services available today. There are also higher-end sites, such as Marketworks ( and Zoovy (, that help integrate eBay auctions with larger e-commerce sites; there are also several less-expensive sites, such as ManageAuctions ( and Trak Auctions ( that offer a more limited set of services. You should visit the eBay Solutions Directory ( to see all the third-party companies offering eBay auction management services.

As with the web-based auction management tools, make sure you try out any of these programs before you buy.

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