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Understanding the Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Recruiting and Hiring

Understanding the Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Recruiting and Hiring

This chapter started off with a warning. Now we close with the same warning. This is very important! Make sure you have a clear understanding of the latest legal requirements regarding hiring practices. The rules seem to change constantly and are not always easy to interpret. As the sales manager, and as a representative of your organization, you must actively support the adherence to all legal guidelines regarding employment practices. These laws and regulations were put in place to prevent some past questionable practices, and they have long-term positive outcomes for all parties involved. It is, however, impossible for you to keep current on all regulatory changes. Before you begin any hiring activity, please contact one or more of the following:

If you are planning to hire sales professionals internationally, make an extra effort to understand the legal hiring practices of the local country. The U.S. government, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), local country embassies, consulate offices, and specialized consultants can help with these issues.

One final note: hiring sales professionals for your team has an impact far beyond the limits of your department. Successful sales personnel can enhance your department’s image, and unsuccessful ones can hurt you with other departments, suppliers, management, and, of course, your customers. But the way you handle the hiring practice goes far beyond these areas.

You are changing people’s lives. They have dreams and desires just like you do. As such, the hiring process becomes very emotional and sometimes turns out to be very difficult. Protect your company and yourself. Below are a few steps to take to make it a safer exercise:

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