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Integrated Change Control

Integrated Change Control

The Integrated Change Control process is performed from project inception through completion. Change control is necessary because projects seldom run exactly according to the project management plan. The project management plan, the project scope statement, and other deliverables must be maintained by carefully and continuously managing changes, either by rejecting changes or by approving changes so those approved changes are incorporated into a revised baseline. The Integrated Change Control process includes the following change management activities in differing levels of detail, based upon the completion of project execution:

Project-wide application of the configuration management system, including change control processes, accomplishes three main objectives:

  • Establishes an evolutionary method to consistently identify and request changes to established baselines, and to assess the value and effectiveness of those changes

  • Provides opportunities to continuously validate and improve the project by considering the impact of each change

  • Provides the mechanism for the project management team to consistently communicate all changes to the stakeholders.

Some of the configuration management activities included in the integrated change control process are:

Every documented requested change must be either accepted or rejected by some authority within the project management team or an external organization representing the initiator, sponsor, or customer. Many times, the integrated change control process includes a change control board responsible for approving and rejecting the requested changes. The roles and responsibilities of these boards are clearly defined within the configuration control and change control procedures, and are agreed to by the sponsor, customer, and other stakeholders. Many large organizations provide for a multi-tiered board structure, separating responsibilities among the boards. If the project is being provided under a contract, then some proposed changes would need to be approved by the customer.

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