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Perform Quality Control: Outputs

Perform Quality Control: Outputs

.1 Quality Control Measurements

Quality control measurements represent the results of QC activities that are fed back to QA (Section 8.2) to reevaluate and analyze the quality standards and processes of the performing organization.

.2 Validated Defect Repair

The repaired items are reinspected and will be either accepted or rejected before notification of the decision is provided (Section 4.4). Rejected items may require further defect repair.

.3 Quality Baseline (Updates)

Described in Section

.4 Recommended Corrective Actions

Corrective action (Section involves actions taken as a result of a QC measurement that indicates that the manufacturing or development process exceeds established parameters.

.5 Recommended Preventive Actions

Preventive action (Section involves action taken to forestall a condition that may exceed established parameters in a manufacturing or development process, which may have been indicated through a QC measurement.

.6 Requested Changes

If the recommended corrective or preventive actions require a change to the project, a change request (Section should be initiated in accordance with the defined Integrated Change Control process.

.7 Recommended Defect Repair

A defect is where a component does not meet its requirements or specifications, and needs to be repaired or replaced. Defects are identified and recommended for repair by the QC department or similarly titled organization. The project team should make every reasonable effort to minimize the errors that cause the need for defect repair. A defect log can be used to collect the set of recommended repairs. This is often implemented in an automated problem-tracking system.

.8 Organization Process Assets (Updates)

  • Completed checklists. When checklists are used, the completed checklists should become part of the project's records (Section

  • Lessons learned documentation. The causes of variances, the reasoning behind the corrective action chosen, and other types of lessons learned from quality control should be documented so that they become part of the historical database for both this project and the performing organization. Lessons learned are documented throughout the project life cycle, but, at a minimum, during project closure (Section

.9 Validated Deliverables

A goal of quality control is to determine the correctness of deliverables. The results of the execution quality control processes are validated deliverables.

.10 Project Management Plan (Updates)

The project management plan is updated to reflect changes to the quality management plan that result from changes in performing the QC process. Requested changes (additions, modifications, or deletions) to the project management plan and its subsidiary plans are processed by review and disposition through the Integrated Change Control process (Section 4.6).

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