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Obtaining Final Sign-Off

Obtaining Final Sign-Off

Once you’re satisfied with the project deliverables, you will need to move into the transfer of ownership of the project. You, the owner of the project, will release it to the organization so that the deliverables may go into production.

Obtaining Client Approval

The client, whether that be the end user on a workstation or an administrator in a behind-the-scenes release such as a new server installation, will accept the project using one of two methods:

Informal Acceptance  The informal acceptance does not include a sign-off of the completion or even the acknowledgment of the deliverables. An example of the informal acceptance is a project that ends on deadline whether or not the deliverables are finished—for example, a project to organize and build an application for a tradeshow demo. The tradeshow will happen regardless of the completion of the project.

Another example is a project that creates a deliverable that doesn’t require additional testing to prove the implementation. Imagine a short-term project to replace all of the printers in the organization with newer models. The implementation of the new printers is obvious. You’ve configured a script to install the printer driver on all of the workstations in the network to automate the end-user installation. All of the print jobs are controlled through a central printer server so the end users experience little impact from the implementation other than their print jobs come out of a new print device.

Formal Acceptance  The formal acceptance of a project’s deliverables is a process that is completed by the client of the project and the appropriate members of the project team. This is the preferred method of client acceptance. These acceptances are contingent on a project acceptance agreement. The project acceptance agreement is typically written very early in the project timeline and in alignment with the defined project deliverables. The document clearly explains what qualifies for an acceptance of the deliverables. These are typical of application development projects and often consist of a checklist of the required features of the project.

The client and the team members will test the deliverables against the acceptance agreement to confirm that the deliverables exist. The sidebar “Application Development Acceptance Agreement” shows an example.

Application Development Acceptance Agreement

The purpose of the project “Learning Management System” is to create a web-based reporting system to log the hours an employee completes in the corporate continuing education department. The application must provide for the items in the following checklist to be accepted:

The application created in this project meets the preceding criteria and the project is accepted as whole and complete.

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